The top talent in agriculture brought directly to you

Finding the right candidates for your business can be time consuming and exhausting. Let us do the hard work and bring you the best candidates available.

Today’s hiring and recruitment process is broken - especially in agribusiness 

Whether using recruiters or online job boards, today’s talent searching leaves you sorting through dozens of candidates. More often than not, by the end of the interview process you find out the “top” candidates aren’t even remotely close to what you’re looking for. A well-trained recruiter can help you find, screen, and manage candidates to help your hiring manager feel less overwhelmed and discouraged.

We’ll bring the best candidates for your business direct to you

Experienced Screening

Our reputable search process has been refined with over 20 years of experience. Each search we execute has its own strategic plan and targeted call list to perfectly match the needs of the position to be filled. Having worked in agriculture for decades, we have mastered both vetting candidates and selling your company and opportunity.

Client Dedication

We only work with a limited number of searches at any given time, so you can rest assured that our time working with you is dedicated with the highest possible fill rate. Our 22,000 name database is the framework we use to build robust call plans for each search while we ensure we are acting as an extension of our client.

No Surprises While Interviewing

We vigorously vet candidates to ensure they align with both the required skills and your company values. We also make sure candidates are genuinely interested in joining your team. We search, screen, and make reference calls to present you with the top picks for the position.

Let’s find the right person for the job

We believe there is no substitute for hard work and determination – meaning we know that relying on the internet to source candidates is ineffective. The best way to consistently find the top talent in agriculture is to talk with them and the people they interact with on a daily basis.

Stats we are proud of:

Fill rate on searches conducted:
Percent of searches for repeat clients:
Candidates submitted who receive an interview:
Offers accepted:
68% fill rate on searches conducted
82% of my searches are repeat clients
92% of candidates submitted receive an interview
96% of offers extended were accepted

Let's find your next ideal hire

Step 1:

Schedule a conversation

With your input, we develop a Needs Analysis Profile specific to each role. This assures a targeted search process.

Step 2:

We’ll start searching

We vet potential candidates and leads. We don’t post jobs anywhere. Instead, we utilize our well cultivated network of industry professionals giving us access to candidates that are not on the job boards.

Step 3:

Interview the best!

After presenting candidates, we can assist in the interview and offer presentation process to provide valuable feedback from candidates that might not surface during the interview process.

For clients

Get The Most Out of Your Recruiter
Tips on helping to ensure that you find the talent you need as effectively as possible.

For candidates

Writing a great resume and cover letter
How to put your best foot forward in your interview documentation.

About AgXecutives

We focus on searches of mid to senior level positions in areas such sales, marketing, research, discovery, product development, formulation, and senior management. Most of our clients manufacture or distribute crop inputs such as seed, seed treatment, fertilizer, and crop protection products in both the traditional and biological arenas. We also fill positions in the precision agriculture and data management arena.